Colombo City Tour

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Colombo City Tour

We pick you up form the airport or Negombo hotel to do enjoyable and meaningful Colombo city, shopping and Kelaniya Buddhist temple tour for one day with a well experience linguistic chauffeur. It is very much important to know that Colombo city is 34 km away form the Colombo airport and it takes approximately one and half to reach Colombo city by a car or mini coach. Presently, Colombo is a well developed city, its surfer’s area is 32 square kilometers and more than 752,993(according to 2012 statistic) people are living in this developed city. It is well known fact that daily 1.2 million to 2 million people visit this marvelous city because of all the public and private officers, Banks, Hotels, main Railway station, main Shopping complexes and sea port are located in the heart of the city. 

In 9 century AD, Persians, Arabians, Greeks and Romans have lived in the city to do trades because of the natural sea port in Colombo. They ware very interested on gems, ivory, pearls, sampan wood, animals, areca nut and some spices from Srilanka.In 14 AD, Ibn Battuta ,(1304-1368) was a Moroccan and Berber explorer said that Colombo harbor was well established one. The Portuguese, Dutch and British too have lived in Colombo mainly to do trade using Colombo natural port. Still we can experience their monuments in Colombo with zero mile post. Places to visit in Colombo

National museum in Colombo

The National Museum in Colombo is an important place to visit during our Colombo tour. This is the largest museum situated in the heart of Colombo with a gorgeous green environment. This largest museum is run by the Department or National Museum of central Government. It contains much important historical items to Srilanka as the regalia of the country. Specially, the crown, golden chair, and the sword of the last Kandian king as well as many exhibits relate great history of Srilanka. Sir William Henry Gregory, the British Governor laid the first stone to establish a national museum in Colombo in 01st of January 1877.The building was constructed according to Italian Architectural Style as a two stories where the gallery arrangements are magnificent. Galley arrangements, down flower Pre & proto historic period. Anuradhapura period. Polonnaruwa period. Transitional period. Kandy period. Stone antiquities gallery. Galley arrangements, upper  flower Paintings. Textiles. Pottery & Ceramic. Coins & Currency. Standards & Banners.

Art & Craft. It is very much important to note that the visitor has the ability to have a clear picture about Srilankan history under a one roof due to great planning and management. The museum is opened every weekday and the visitors are warmly welcome with Chiara Tours in SriLanka.

Colombo National Zoo

The Colombo Zoo or Dehiwela Zoo is situated 11 km away from the Colombo city. This is one of great place where indigenous and foreign wildlife, mammals, reptiles, colorful birds and fish can be seen. This is the oldest zoological garden in Asia set the stone in 1936. Presently, The zoological department host more than 100 species of mammals,110 species of birds,65 species of fishes,34 species of reptiles,03 species of amphibians,30 species of butterflies and 10 species of invertebrates. The Colombo Zoo is open throughout the year and it is divided as aquarium, ability to walk through an aviary, reptile house, butterfly garden, cages and as enclosures to make the visitors much easier their visiting. Even though the zoo is placed in the city, it is embraced with beautiful landscape, colorful flowers, foliage and water fountains show heavenly look. Specially, the elephants dance and sea lions performance in the evening make cheerful thoughts not only in children’s mind but also in the adults.

Viharamahadavi park

The Viharamahadavi park or Victoria park is public park for everyone and this is the oldest and largest park in Colombo. This is another important place to visit during our tour in Colombo with Chiara Tours Srilanka. This is highly attractive place because of golden painted big Buddha’s statue, beautiful flower garden, suspension bridge, series of water fountains, mini zoo and BAC jet provost can be experience.

From the beginning the park was named as Victoria park because it was build during the British period in Srilanka but after independent, the park was named as Viharamahadavi park in 1950.The queen Vihramahadavi was the mother of brave king Dutugamunu and she was ready to sacrifice her life for the wellbeing of the society in history of Srilanka. The Viharamahadavi park is heart winning, nice and much relaxing place during tour in Colombo.

Independence Memorial Hall

Independence Memorial Hall is one of famous monuments in Colombo built for commemoration of independence of Srilanka from British rule on 4th of February 1948 after that pearl of the Indian Ocean became an independent state. When we go there, we can experience the statue of the first prime minister of the country Rt. Hon. Don Stephen Senanayake "The Father of the Nation". Most of the annual National Independence Day celebrations have been held here. Apart from a monument it served as the ceremonial assembly hall for the Senate of Ceylon and the House until the parliament was moved to the new parliament complex. Currently it is the venue for religious events and annual national day celebrations. The design is based on the magul maduwa (celebration hall) in Kandy where the treaty was sign between Kandyian Chieftains (Radalas) and British ending the Kndyian era and handed over the nation to British in 15th of March 1948.

Gall face Green ground

The Gall face Green is saunter which stretches for a half kilometers alone in the Indian Ocean in the heart of Colombo on the beach. It is situated in the middle of the Gall road and the pleasuring Colombo beach about five hectares and it is the largest open space in Colombo.

The seafront firstly laid the stone by the British Governor Sir Hendry Ward to use it as horse racing and golf course during the British period in Ceylon. This is very popular place among Srilankans as a relaxing place during their free hours. The Gall face green gives a picturesque eye view of the city and main five starts hotels like Gall face green hotel, Ramada hotel, Tag hotel, Galadari hotel, Hilton hotel and Kingsbury hotel stands as giants around the gall face green ground.  We can relax little bit during our tour alone the Gall face green and breath nice fresh air which breeze alone the Indian Ocean with a exquisite sight of the city. 

Pettah market

Colombo Pettah market is an open market and daily thousands of people arrive in every corner of Srilanka to buy different kind of items in competitive price. The market includes combination of knick knacks, bails of clothing, huge section of fresh fruits and vegetables, electronics and DVD’s in a large manner. The people like to visit the market because they have the ability to get super deal for their demand. Early in the morning, a lot of people visit the markets to buy especially vegetables and fruits in large bulk for their retail shops. So this is the busiest market in Srilanka and don’t forget to test some fresh fruit while visiting the market during the Colombo tour with Chiara Tours Srilanka. 

Shopping in Colombo 

There are numerous things like gems, readymade garments, batiks, tea, handicrafts, hand made silver and brass objects which are very popular among tourist who come to Srilanka. The Laksala, Majestic city, Odel, The Barefoot galley, Cargill’s food city, Crescat, Boulevard, and House of fashion, Liberty plaza and Mondy are some shopping molls where you can visit during the city tour in Colombo.  

Kelaniya Buddhist temple

Kelaniya Buddhist temple is another sacred worshipping place where Buddha has visited and touched His holy feet during the third visit to Srilanka in 6 century BC.It is situated ten kilometers away from Colombo on the bank of Kelaniya River. The legend says that king Vibishana has ruled kelaniya with the help of laxman,he is brother of King Ravenna. The great conical says that the king Manakkitha has chosen Kelaniya as his kingdom in Srilankan history. King Manakkitha had invited Buddha to visit his kingdom of Kelaniya to teach and preach during the third visit of Nagadipa to solve the problem between Chulodara and Mahodara on a precious gem stone. After sacred visiting of Buddha, the king built Buddhist holy temple in Kelaniya and enshrined the precious gem stone as relic in the stupa or pagoda. Presently, there are sacred bor tree, stupa and image house with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings of 550 jathaka stories can be seen during our journey. It is important to say that we get much peaceful and relaxing mind after visiting a Buddhist temple in Srilanka with Chiara Tours.

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