Negombo City Tour, Taste the High Quality Fresh Sea Food on the Beach

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Negombo city

Chiara Tours Srilanka representatives meet you at Colombo airport or Negombo hotel to do enjoyable and meaningful Negombo tour. Negombo is situated in West of Srilank and it is the fourth largest city with mix of water and land which has been called as a fishing village. The Negomo lagoon is the landmark of the city and it is 10 kilometers away from the Colombo airport. Negombo is very famous because of beautiful white sandy pebble beach with blue water. Negombo is very popular among the tourist who comes to admire the beauty of miraculous Srilanka because it is the starting place of their journey that is situated very close to Colombo airport.

Places to visit in Negombo

Negombo Beach

Negombo is 2 meters above the sea level and owns eye catching white sandy pebble beach. The beach becomes most heart winning place during the months from November to March because of its magnificent beauty. The tourists are willing to swim in the blue color worm sea water and lay under the sun because the beach is clean and attractive. The water sports, deep diving, fishing and boat trips are very famous in this area. There are many popular hotels are around the beach like jet wins ,Goldie sands ,Club dolphin Hotel ,Camelot beach Hotel and the Paradise beach Hotel are some hotels which are around the beach in Negombo. Not only hotels but also many pubs and restaurant are too popular among the tourist. Specially, the very fresh sea foods can be taste in these restaurants which are located on the beach.

Negombo lagoon

This prosperous lagoon is the land mark of Negombo.It is nourished by large number of cannels and rives. The lagoon is very helpful to the fishermen to safeguard their fishing boats. There are flourishing coconut plantations, paddy fields and green environment are around Negombo lagoon. The lagoon gives a forestry look due to wide separate mangroves. They grow in the muddy lands and the roots are coming out of the mud to absorb air. The lagoon is covered with a large number of water birds like cormorants, herons, egrets, gulls, terns and other shore birds can be seen. Chiara Tours arranges the guided boat safari in the sea, river or lagoon.

Negombo Fish market

Negombo is fishing village where there are main two fish markets located on the beach. There are more than thousands of boats traveling to catch some different kinds of edible big or small fish daily. Everyday early in the morning and evening the fisherman gather together in the fish market to sell their fish to the customers who come in large manner. Negombo fish market is the places where there are large stocks of fish distribute to other places in Srilanka.The people have the ability to buy fresh fish in competitive price from the market. There are large numbers of different kind of fish like tuna, seer, shark, rock fish and other blood fish as well as cuttlefish, prawns and crabs too can be experience.

Visit religious places

Negombo is known as ‘Little Rome’ in Srilanka because there are large numbers of Roman Catholic people are inhabits in the area ,this is due to arrival of Portuguese and Dutch in 16th and 17th centuries in Srilanka.The people of Negombo embraced Catholic religion after arrival of Portuguese and Dutch and built large number of churches in all corners. So presently, the city looks like Rome due to large number of Roman Catholic Church. Negombo is the place where we can experience the harmony of Catholics, Buddhist and Hindu people and they are living very peacefully. Agurukaramulla Buddhist temple is a great religious place for Buddhists and where we can experience Bor tree, image house and stupa with Chiara Tours. There are some well painted Hindu temples where the religious sounds of chanting and sounds of bell make peaceful happiness in the visitors mind.

Dutch church & Fort

In 17th century AD, Dutch people arrived to Srilanka in the purpose of doing trade; mainly they were living in costal belt in the island. They were very much found in spices and natural harbor, so they lived in Negombo because they could find cinnamon and natural harbor in Negombo. Still, we can experience the arrival of Dutch from Dutch church, Dutch architecture and Dutch fort in the city. It is a unique style in Negombo provides attractive sight to the visitors. The Catholics people gather in to the Dutch church to the religious performance in every Sunday and the main gate of the Dutch fort is next to the Dutch church, presently it has been used as a prison in Negombo. The Dutch cannel flows through the city tells us that the European styles are still alive in Asia.

Shopping in Negombo

Negombo is one of popular place for shopping because most of the tourist come to Negombo in the end of their tour before go to Colombo airport.Negombo is well known places for clothing and there are more attractive shopping complexes can be seen in the city. Not only city but also more shops are located around the resorts and alone the beach where you can experience souvenir items, local handicrafts, gemstones, batik, silver jewelry items, leather goods and carved masks. All the shops have their set prices and you are free to choose according to your wish.

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