Adventure Tour Thrills of hiking Adam’s Peak and Exciting White Water Rafting at Kitulgala 

Three Day Tour

Day One - Kandy through Elephant Orphanage  >  Day Two - Adam’s Peak  >  Day Three - Kitulgala white water rafting

Day One


Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage ,  Botanical Garden , Spices Garden ,  Gem Museum , Sacred Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy 

Cultural Dancing show

Chiara Tours Srilanka representatives meet you at Colombo airport or Negombo hotel to do enjoyable and meaningful three day adventure tour with a well experience linguistic chauffeur. It is very much important to know that Kandy city is 115 KMs away from Colombo and 2 hours 30 mints drive by an a/c car. We are travelling to hill country, so the surrounding is very beautiful and green with bird eye view.

Kandy is most attractive and famous city not only among natives but also among foreign people because of its beauty. UNESCO did not had two minds to declare it as living World Heritage Site in 1988.It is the second largest city in Srilanka and 465 feet above the sea level. The surrounding mountain range, geographical setting and artificial lake bring much beauty to the city. A British Governor loved Kandy so much and he has experienced that Kandy is the most beautiful city among other cities in the world. The king’s palace and the British period buildings give us unique mixer of cultural new experience to the visitor. Kandy is home for the Sacred Tooth Relics of Buddha and it is the most venerable worshipping Relics to every Srilankans. It is the last capital for king’s era and mainly three kings have ruled Kandy kingdom in 15 century AD. So, the Kandy is politically and religiously well known place in Srilanka.

Pinnawela, Elephant orphanage,

Pinnawela elephant orphanage is another attractive place among the tourist who can visit, feed fruits or travel on elephant is available and these activities make much happiness for the visitors. The department of wildlife reservation set foundation to take care, medicine and nutrition the orphanage elephants which are found in jungle with wounds or helpless. Presently, there are more than 84 elephants and 24 baby elephants can be seen in the orphanage, you are able to feed milk to these baby elephants with milk bottles. The elephants are taking to the two times a day (10 am and 2 pm) to Maha Oya River for bathing, so the tourists too have the opportunity to walk with the elephant to the river to experience the elephants which are playing in the water. After unforgettable times with the elephant, we are heading towards Kandy and Stop on the way at spice garden.

Spice in Srilanka,

Srilanka is a tropical county where there are lot of plants are growing due to suitable soil and climate conditions. Srilanka is very rich with endemic spice and herbal plants and they have magical taste and curing ability of different diseases. From ancient time, Arabians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and British were here in Srilanka specially to do trade on spices. You would have a good understanding and knowledge about spices (cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, cloves, nutmeg etc.) and herbal plants during this journey.

Pineapple garden , Taste ripe mango , banana plantation , handicrafts , Cashew nuts  , Rubber Estates , Tea Estates

After spice garden, you are taken to pineapple garden (Ananas comosus) where you can taste fresh ripe pineapple and it is edible multiple fruit in Srilanka. It is consumed fresh, cooked, juice, jam or desert and it takes six months to grow. The pineapple crown is used for next cultivation. Not only pineapple garden but also crane handicraft places, cashew nut village, rubber estates, (where we make natural rubber cutting the bark of the tree as a major export item) are some places where you get memorable experience.

We are reaching to Kandy for the lunch passing Embekke temple, (date back to 14 century AD) and it is very famous for wooden structure and great wood caving in ancient Srilanka. After lunch we are going to visit gem museum, batik factory and herbal massage place, then we are proceeding to the most important places that is the sacred Tooth Relic temple of Buddha. 

Sacred tooth relic temple - Kandy

The Sacred Tooth Relic was introduced to Srilanka from India in 4 century AD for the protection from enemies during the king’s era .The Tooth Relic has become the Palladian of the royalty, that means nobody become the king without having the Sacred Tooth Relic in his hand. So it had played a great role in Srilankan history. When you reach the temple your heart and eyes might be rejoicing with experiencing and hearing of sound and meal offering of Sacred Tooth Relic. Who ever come to this place, use to offer some fragrant flowers and light lamps to Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha in religious manner to get peace of mind and get better life in next life as a tradition. You are too welcome to offer some flowers to Buddha to get peace of mind and going to the hotel at Kandy for the rest with much happiness in your life.

Day Two

Adam’s Peak

After having a satisfied breakfast at the hotel, we are heading to central high land of Srilanka, Adam’s peak with a good city tour in Kandy. Adam’s Peak is 95 KMs away from Kandy and 03 hours drive by a car with a picturesque eye view of nature. Adam’s Peak, Sripadaya, Butterfly Mountain or Mountain of god Saman is a very popular pilgrimage sight in Srilanka. There is a foot print on the top of the mountain and the Buddhist believe that it is the holy foot print of Buddha, Hindu people believe that it is as their god Shiva’s foot print, Christians believe that it is saint St.Thomas’s foot print and in the other hand Muslims have the faith that it is Adam’s foot print. However Adam’s Peak is a venerable holy mountain for all the Srilankans and devotees climb the holy mountain during the months from December to May (High season) to worship the sacred Footprint. The Adam’s Peak Mountain is 2234 meters high and there are more than 5000 steps to climb to the top. It is a great challenge and adventure to pass these 5000 steps and most of the people use to climb the mountain at night to see the spectacular sight of the sunrise early in the morning. This is the most beautiful eye catching view from the top of the mountain and your cameras might be much busy with panoramic view of the nature. The lights and the way side shops provide the courage for this adventures trip and the top of the mountain is cold from 10 centigrade to 15 centigrade during the night.

We reach Nallathaniya (the village) in the evening and go to the hotel to prepare suitable cloth for the hiking at night. Chiara Tours Srilanka provides suitable environment and other necessaries for hiking. Chiara Tours Srilanka chauffeur guide accompanies and guide you throughout the journey in a friendly manner during this adventures journey. We start the hiking at night around 2 am after having a good rest in the hotel. The mountain is full of light and the pilgrim   loud voice of praising god or Buddha urge the visitors to step the 5200 steps in courage and happiest manner. The journey provides a picturesque bird’s eye view of nature and the way side shops provide the refreshments for the visitors. There are many different religious activities can be experience on the way to the top. We reach the peak around 0530 am and waiting for the sun rising.  “IruSeveya”or the spectacular sun rising is the most beautiful and unforgettable experience in the top of the Adam’s Peak.  We come down from the Adam’s peak around 0930 am and move to Kitulgala for Whit water rafting after breakfast at the Nallathaniya Hotel. 

Day Three

Kitulgala – white water rafting

We reach Kitulgala after one and half hours drive from Adam’s Peak for Whit water rafting, the most adventures challenging and out door sport in the world. The beautiful picturesque Kelani River is a great place for white water rafting in Kitulgala. The Kelani River provides five major rapids and four minor rapids to thrill and excite the rafters in a greater manner. Here, Chiara Tours Srilanka provides safety gear, modern rafts and comprehensive safety briefing by our well experience white water rafting instructors.

After thrilling and exciting events at the Kelani River, we are moving to Colombo air port or given destination according to the time.

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