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Day one – Bentota (Water Sport) > Day two – Hikaduwa (Snorkeling and Diving) > Day three – Mirissa (Wales watching) > Day four – Mirissa (Beach) > Day five – Yala (Sanctuary) > Day six – Colombo airport

Day one


Our Chiara Tours Srilanka representatives meet you at the Colombo airport to do enjoyable and meaningful 06 day Beach tour in Srilanka with a well experience linguistic chauffeur guide. It is very much important to know we are passing Colombo city and reach Bentota and it is 96 km away from Colombo airport and three hours drive by a car. 

Activities at Bentota – Water Sport and Boat Safari 

Bentota nature and the beach provide the suitable environment for the water sport like, Banana boat ride , Tube ride , Wave surfing , Wind surfing , Jet skiing You are welcome to do these activities and Chiara Tours provides all the necessaries and instruction with a guide to make your journey much happy. 

In the evening we are going on boat Safari in the Madu River to see the birds, animals and beautiful environment around Bentota.Late in the evening we are going to stay in a hotel which is on the beach and over night stay at Bantota.

Day Two


We are heading to Hikkaduwa beach after optional breakfast to kick start the day, Hikkaduwa is 35 KMs away from Bentota beach and one hour drive on the amazing costal belt beautiful road. On the way to Hikkaduwa we visit Turtles at Kosgodo Turtles Hatchery.


Turtles are beautiful reptiles’ sea creatures who like worm climates and having a well decorated shell on its back. There are seven spices of Turtles are living in the world but luckily five species of Turtles are living in Srilankan sea out of seven. They are Oliver readily turtle, Leather back turtle, green turtle, Hawksbill turtle and Logger head turtle. These turtles are coming to Srilanka beach to lay their eggs at night times. Unfortunately the populations of the turtles are decreasing rapidly due to consumption of flesh and eggs of turtles in greater manner. Srilankan government had passed a low to protect these valuable sea creatures and try to increase the population through the hatcheries.

Chiara Tours Srilanka guide accompanies you to Kosgoda Turtles hatchery to experience the different stages of turtle’s lives. After turtles we move to Ambalangoda masks carving place and mask museum.

Day Two

Hikkaduwa Beach

Srilanka, Hikkaduwa beach is a well-known place as a marine national park among the tourist because there are beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes can be seen under the sea water. It is a great and attractive place where we can experience white sandy beach, blue water, low waves, and great sun shine without any harassment. Snorkeling and diving are very popular among the tourist in Hikkaduwa Beach and you have the opportunity to see the heavenly look under the water as well as the glass bottom boats too are provided to experience the Marine National Park in Srilanka. Over night we stay at Hikkaduwa on the Beach.

Day Three


After having much experience at the Hikkaduwa beach we move to Mirissa where the beautiful waves meet the heaven of white pebble sands and the amazing blue water gives a picturesque view of the sea. From Hikkaduwa to mirissa is only about 60 KMs and one hour drive by a car and on the way we pass Gall, ancient Dutch Fort.

It is an ancient natural harbor and UNSCO has accepted as a World Heritage Sight. It is historically very famous place because the British writer Emerson Tenant says that the world famous harbor  was called as ‘TASIS’ and King Salomon had taken peacocks , tamed elephants, ivories, pearls and gems using this harbor according to the Old Testament in the Bible in ancient time. In 14 century AD, Ebon Batuta wrote that the harbor was well establishing one. In 1505 Portuguese arrived to Srilanka and made a fort using bamboo trees for the trade at Gall natural harbor. In 1638 Dutch arrived to Srilanka and had the power over the Portuguese in Gall fort. The Gall Fort was a great place for the trade, so they made the fort and harbor using especial kind of mud and corals in a strong way with a big wall around the fort .There are , warehouses, officers, light house, prison, strong gates with hikes and more than six bastions where cannons had placed can be seen even presently. British had too used the Gall fort and they have taken tea, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, gem stones and other valuables through the harbor from 1798 and 1948.The mixer of European architectures from Potugues, Dutch and British can be seen presently and the marine museum is another important to visit to have a good understanding about the ancient naval power of Europeans. 

We move to Mirissa and over night we stay there.

Mirissa Wales watching:

Early in the morning at about 7 am we are leaving to deep sea to watch Wales and Dolphins by well protected high engine boats. It is a nice and happy journey where we provide suitable breakfast, coffee or tea, water bottles and other equipments. 


The Blue Whales are the largest animal in the world which comes to Mirissa beach during the months from November to March. They are very largest sea creature reach leanth more than 100 feet and weights approximately 100 to 150 tones. The large creature’s skin colour is very attractive like gray-blue colour.  After one hour from Mirissa beach we have the ability to see the largest sea creature in the world, the blue whales. Not only Blue Whales but also Sperm Whales, spinner Dolphins and melon headed Dolphins are abounding in Mirissa Sea. After spending more than three or four hours with these great sea creatures we are heading back to Mirissa beach. We move to Tangalla after great time with sea creatures in the sea.

Day Four

Mirissa Beach 

The Mirissa beach is the most attractive and beautiful beach in Srilanka. We relax on the beach with diving and swimming on these two days.

Day Five

After breakfast we are heading for Yala National park to experience the wild life in Srilanka.It is 125 KMs away from Mirissa and it takes three hours by a car to reach Yala National Park.

Visiting Yala national park for jungle safari

Yala National Park is most visited park for last decades in Asia because it is ‘One of Asia’s top wild life destinations’ among the others. This is second largest National park in Srilanka situated southeast of beautiful Island. The National park is consisting of five blocks and only two blocks are opened to the public. The Yala National park is covering 979 of square kilometers where it includes moist monsoon forest, dry monsoon forest, semi deciduous forest, throne forest, grass lands, fresh water, marine wet land and sandy beaches. Yala is very popular among the tourist because it embarrassed with varieties of wild animals, so the park is declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1900.It is very proud to say that the highest leopard densities can be experienced only in Yala National Park. The Sri Lankan leopard has a tawny or rusty yellow coat with dark spots and close-set rosettes, which are smaller than in Indian leopards, More than 25 individual leopards are estimated in Block no 01.Most of the time the leopards can be seen on the trees, on the rock or very close to pounds, not only leopards but also 44 species of mammals can be seen with Srilankan elephants(300 to 350),Srilanka sloth Bear, wild water buffalo, spot dears, toque macaque, golden palm civet, read slender lorries ,fishing cats and 46 species of reptiles with mugger crocodile and salt water crocodile too are living freely. Out of seven species of sea turtles five of them are coming to lay their eggs to the Yala National Park sandy beach. It might be a good experience to see the turtles in Srilanka.

The flying creatures make much attraction to the national park.215 bird’s species can be found in the park and 06 of them are endemic. They are Grey hornbill, Srilanka jungle fowl, Srilanka wood pigeon, Crimson-fronted barbet, Black cupped bulbul only living in Srilanka. Over night we stay at Yala.

Day Six

After breakfast we move for Colombo and on the way we pass  Rice fields  ,  Rubber factory  ,  Mango plantations  ,  Papaya plantations  ,  Rathnapura gem mining (the city of gems) 

City of Gems Rathnapuraya, It is a beautiful city with many bare lands with green eye catching sights. When we are passing Rathnapura you can see some gem mining places where the people are working hard to find precious Gem stones. The gem miners come to know that precious and semi precious gem stone are placed under the ground using new technological machines or traditional methods. After some Buddhist rituals and worshipping they go under the ground in search of precious gem stones. The miners go from 5 meters to 50 meters under the ground and it is a great effort and dedication, they say that every thing depends on the faith and luck. They mine soil out of the ground and wash to find Sapphires, Star Sapphires, Cat’s eye, Rubes, Star Rubes, Alexandrite and other semi-precious stones.

The environment is looking very beautiful and green with many paddy fields. Many farmers are working hard with cattle in the paddy to provide rice to everyone. Rice is our stable food in Srilanka and it takes 06 months to get harvest. Firstly, there should be a bare land to cultivate rice and we use natural or chemical fertilizer. The land should be plow, harrow and level using machine or traditional method of using cattle. We provide water at least 03 months to the rice tree and we get water from the rivers or man made tanks. After 06 months the farmers are happy to cut their harvest after 06 months for our consumption.

Then we are going to visit the rubber factory where you can experience the method of making natural rubber in Srilanka.We produce natural rubber and it is the second major export item in Srilanka. The Englishman, Hendry Vicar brought first Rubber plants to Srilanka during the British period because the suitable weather and climate condition for the Rubber plants could be found in wet and intermediate zone in Srilanka. We get rubber plants from the rubber seeds and plant according to a row and a gap in a suitable soil and weather condition. The Rubber tree gets at least about five years to mature and then we have the ability to cut the bark of the tree and collect the latex from the Rubber plants. Then the latex brings to the factory to make dry rubber. 

The latex put in to coagulation tank and makes sheet rubber, TSR Rubber and creep Rubber providing pressure for different purposes. The Srilankan natural Rubber is used for making air crafts tyres and tubes, house hold and industrial product and textile production. You can have a good understanding about the natural rubber production in Srilanka and there is no any harmful effect by using natural Rubber product like synthetic Rubber products in the world.

Our lunch is at Srilankan traditional restaurant with delicious rice and curry and especially, we get plenty of papaya and mango for our desert because, these fruits are abundant in this area. We are going to see papaya and mango plantation after a good supper of Srilankan tasty Foods. The ripe mangoes are very sweet and taste but they are bitterly sour before they ripen. There are varieties of mangoes found in Srilanka. The tats of papaya is not second to the ripe mango fruit because most of the tourist are fond of having a piece papaya with some lime. The delicious tats can’t compare to any other fruits. 

After Colombo city Tour we are moving to Colombo airport.

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